1) How do our parnters reduce and consolidate your medical bills?

It is a systematic process that starts with reviewing bills for errors, overcharges, and erroneous billings as we know the limits as to what insurance companies and those non-insured can be reasonably billed for certain medical procedures. Our Attorney and CPA expert partners have significant experience in negotiating with medical debt creditors such as doctor's offices, dentists, hospitals, credit card companies, and others. They are also knowledge experts with medical insurance and billing. They also know the law and understand the limits creditors have. More importantly, all savings is given to you in writing so you can validate everything.

2) How do you qualify and how much does the medical debt relief program cost?

This depends as each partner may have their own service. However, with the FTC ruling no upfront fees can exist anymore.

3) How long does the medical debt relief program start once I start my free consultation?

The program starts with a free consultation generally.. Before you fill out our inquiry form, it is important to have copies of all your medical bills and know time frames in which certain events happened. Next we will start our systematic process of medical debt reduction which can take a few days to a few weeks.